Dion was an ancient city of strategic importance and one of the most famous Macedonian states. The city was founded in honor of Zeus, from where it took its name. sacrifices. Also operates since 1983 archaeological museum and it exhibits all the findings of Dion and the rest of Pieria. There are various sanctuaries, most


Katerini is a city in Macedonia, seat of the municipality of Katerini. It has a population, according to the 2011 census, 55,997 inhabitants. It is 71 km from Thessaloniki. The name of the city has its roots in Catherine of Alexandria, a Christian martyr who lived in the 4th century .According to another point of

Litochoro – Olympus

LITOCHORO-OLYMPUSOlympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide for its mythological context, as at its top (MYTIKAS altitude 2,218 meters) lived the twelve “Olympian” gods. In 1983 it was declared the first National Park in Greece, and later The Greek Ministry of Culture declared Olympus as an archeological and historical site, due to its


THESSALONIKI Thessaloniki is the second most populous city in Macedonia. It was named after the sister of Alexander the Great. The port of Thessaloniki is dominated by the White Tower, built by the Ottomans in 1430. The walled city with its monuments, can reasonably to be characterized as an open Byzantine Museum. The history, geographical